Mobile and Tablet Security Cable

Security Cable
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Charger Type: Regular USB
Device connection: Lightning (iPhone/iPad)
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The charging cable that protects you against data breaches during public charging.

Running out of battery on your device is the worst! You are out traveling or just out and about. The battery percentage is slowly approaching zero and you are desperate for a recharge. To the rescue is a USB port mounted in an airplane seat, a bench or at a table in a restaurant. You are saved, but do you really know what it is you are connecting your device to?

The term "Juice Jacking" describes a method where someone seek access to your device by manipulating / replacing the components used in the charging point. By replacing the built-in adapter, the intruder can easily gain full access to the device being charged. Even without sensitive information on the device, it is very uncomfortable not to have control over your own data.

Our new security cable protects you against data breaches.

CE and FCC certified

Choose from the following cables:

  • USB to Lightning (iPhone/iPad) - 2 meters
  • USB-C to Lightning (iPhone/iPad) - 2 meters
  • USB to USB-C (Android) - 2 meters
  • USB-C to USB-C (Android and newer iPads) - 2 meters

Key Info:

  • Developed in Norway
  • Protects against hacking
  • Public charging
  • Keeps your device safe from Juice Jacking

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