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Cable 1: iPhone/iPad (Lightning)
Cable 2: iPhone/iPad (Lightning)
Cable 3: iPhone/iPad (Lightning)
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The charging cable that extends your battery life and reduces the risk of fire.

Pack of three smart cables. Please make sure you select the correct cable for you.

With over 20,000 cables sold in Norway, our new pro cable is the best smart cable ever. With a new flat design on the plugs and weaker light, it fits in most covers, and does not light up the bedroom at night.

Compatible with all mobile phones and tablets using Lightning. 

6.5 FT

CE and FCC certified

Safer charging at night

We are constantly being told not to charge our devices over night. It is not the time of day that you are charging that is the problem, but the fact that the device stays connected for an unnecessarily long period of time when you are not watching it. Since most people tend to sleep at night, we have created the solution. A charging cable that automatically disconnects the device from the charger when the battery is 100%. It is the same effect as physically disconnecting the cable from your device, without actually having to do it.

Extended battery life

By disconnecting from the charger when the battery is full, you avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the battery. With an optimal charging pattern you can expect a noticeable longer battery life. Good for both your wallet and the environment.

Environmentally friendly

With plant-based plastic insulation and 100% recycled packaging, this is perhaps the world's most environmentally friendly charging cable.


The cable is made of braided nylon. This provides a durable cable with an exclusive look.

Lightning, iPhone, iPad and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries.

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