Safer Charging

We are constantly being told not to charge our phones and tablets at night. It is not the time of charging that is the problem, but the fact that the device stays connected for an unnecessarily long period of time. Most people tend to sleep at night. The solution? A smart charging cable that automatically disconnects the device from the charger when the battery is 100%. It's like disconnecting the cable from your device without actually having to.


Your device does not automatically disconnect

Traditional charging cables maintain constant voltage as long as the cable is connected. This is what wears out the battery cells, or the electrolyte. We have conducted an independent research study that documents this. 

The graphs below show the voltage between the charger and the telephone. The orange line shows volts in the circuit after the battery is fully charged. The data points are taken from the report Polytec / Gas and material technology T-18035-R001.

Illustration: Fully charged battery. The graph on the left shows Volt using traditional charging cable, while the one on the right shows Volt using smart cable from apias.


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