Developed in Norway

In a small office outside Haugesund in Norway, we have developed the world's first smart cable for mobile phones and tablets. Now available in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, our goal is to bring our research to the world to make charging a little safer; and a little smarter.

The apias story

apias' story began in 2018 at Norheim, with Pål Gåsland Saltvedt and Tor Ivar Rossebø Våge.

Two guys passionate about technology, development and safer charging.

We are constantly warned about charging our mobile devices at night; it is a potential fire risk and it reduces the life of the battery. It is not the time of the day that is the problem, it is the duration the battery is left with the voltage connected. The solution is simple; disconnect the device when the battery is fully charged. Implementation is not as simple. Few people want to get up at night to disconnect a charger, so the phone/tablet is left connected until we wake up the next morning.

The apias solution

Our smart charging cable knows when the battery is fully charged, and physically cuts the power by cutting the circuit. It's like disconnecting, without actually having to do so. This reduces the risk of fire and extends battery life and the life of your device.

By combining high quality materials, a longer cable length, safer charging and increasing your battery life almost twice as long; we cancan honestly say that our charging cable is – really a smart cable.

We are constantly working to improve our products, and to develop new smart solutions.


apias is all about sustainability and leaving as low of a carbon footprint as possible.
We always focus on the lowest possible climate
impact, in everything from production, products, transportation, logistics and packaging.